Kristen Moraal

Kristen Moraal, a Canadian born artist, residing in Minneapolis, lives to create. She holds a true passion for design, has an eye for composition and is attracted to abstract shapes and bright color. Her versatile work varies from found wood sculptures to abstract paintings sometimes using words and shapes to express experiences. With a brush in one hand and a power tool in the other, Kristen creates to tell stories through all kinds of mediums. She believes anything is possible and is often asked, "how do you do it." Without limits, she continues to push her own boundaries, recreating her dreams and waking life inspirations. Kristen is inspired by many life treasures such as love and romance, nature, simplicity, color, patterns and texture, human interaction, architecture, layers and multi-dimensional thinking. You can often find her researching her next project, snuggled up next to her sidekick Olive.  For commissions and inquiries, please email and check out her Instagram @kristenmoraalart